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Edition Differences

British Petroleum and the Redline Agreement will appear in numerous print and electronic editions in several languages around the world. Not all those editions are identical. There are minor differences. During the weeks leading up to production, a sequence of last minute subtle tweaks and editing for space was distributed. As a result of the rigors of decentralized production and modern cross-platform collaborative software, in some early copies of the very first English edition, eight typographical errors and manuscript glitches appear--this because words dropped out or changes were not saved. These typos were immediately corrected for later editions, including the 40 subsequent editions and reprints issued before the first copies even arrived in stores. However, these typos, immediately corrected, can be seen in some of the earliest print copies.

The eight typographical errors include out of place commas in footnotes, an obvious typo relating to a war year in a section of references devoted to that war year, insertion of an obviously conflated name in a reference to one high government official, and missing words about a post-WWII attempt at an oil company acquisition.

In addition, each country and electronic platform adheres to its own publishing traditions, especially with regards to color, covers, format, graphics, indices, and endnotes. Several countries will include numerous documents and photographs, often localized to their readership. In some languages, certain English, Turkish, or Arabic words do not precisely exist and must be approximated in the translation. Furthermore, whenever words are translated from one language into English, and then retranslated into a third language, variations will occur, especially where idioms or dialects are concerned.

If any reader discerns an additional typographical error or found words that may have dropped out to alter meaning, context or facts, please contact us.